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Smog, a Victorian Fantasy


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Members of the Club sometimes come from the most remote corners of the Empire. Among those, Mister Honk is most appeciated for the muscle power he brings in any fight and all London knows that laying a hand on his master and friend, the frail professor Sawbone, is merely suicidal. Yet, Mister Honk cares nothing for his alleged bestiality ; he's far more worried by his new trendy tailored suit being ready for Friday's gala at the Club. Miss Fogg is coming and there is no way she sees him ragged !

SCALE : 1/35 (50mm)

ACTUAL HEIGHT (from the Feet) : 65mm

Sculpted by
Allan Carrasco

Painting by
Sebastien Picque

NEW ! Download free Mister Honk's profile card f
or Smog, the Thirteenth Hour

Smart Max miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted, with their base and their Smog TTH profile card.
Smart Max miniatures are made of polyurethane resin. They are not toys and therefore are not intended for children.