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Smog, a Victorian Fantasy


see also : MRS DUDLEY

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The ideal bride for a minister of God, Mrs Dudley was a young pious woman, wholeheartedly involved in several charitable societies. On her way to White Chapel she was abducted by Necromancers and slaughtered during a ritual designed to protect the Dark Pharaoh's vessel. When Mrs Dudley found in her soul the strenght to come back to her husband, she unfortunately ended driving him crazy with sorrow. Now, once again, she stands at his side as they seek together redemption.

SCALE : 1/35 (50mm)

ACTUAL HEIGHT (top of the skull) : 60mm

Sculpted by
Victor Martins

Painting by
Sebastien Picque

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or Smog, the Thirteenth Hour

Smart Max miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted, with their base and their Smog TTH profile card.
Smart Max miniatures are made of polyurethane resin. They are not toys and therefore are not intended for children.